Psalm 29

“The voice of the Lord makes the deer give birth and strips the forest bare, and in his temple all cry, Glory!” (Psalm 29:9)

What an interesting verse in a psalm praising the voice of God. Men should praise God and give Him glory and worship because of His greatness. God is all-powerful, and all things are under His leadership and control. With just a word God creates and destroys. With just a word all things in the world function as they should and nothing can stand against Him.

The ninth verse points out part of God’s range of influence. Birth is the domain of God, whether we are speaking of man or of animal life. Nothing is too small for God not to be involved in. The Native Americans understood this about God. They saw Him in everything that He created. Nothing happened without His say. We assume “nature” is taking care of itself while God is busy with major beings like we humans. The “nature” or “mother nature” we speak of is God. Nothing in this world happens without Him. Nothing!

All life is God’s domain. What about the rest of the world? Yes, the mountains, streams, and forest are under God’s control. Those who live in Florida know about the bare forest. Some forests were left without a tree standing when the hurricane went by. Hurricanes come from God, just like the rain and the snow and the wind. Even “nature” is not random or without cause. All creation is subject to God’s control.

The last part of this verse focuses on heaven’s reaction to the voice of God in ruling the universe. Every part of creation, especially the heavenly host, praise God and give Him glory. The only failure in that regard is the Evil Ones and men. Mankind heeds the advice of Job’s wife. When things don’t go their way, their only reaction is to curse God.

Task for Today: See God in everything and give Him praise and glory for the order He maintains in the created world. Don’t build on a flood plain and blame God for the flood. Don’t build in the forest and blame God for the fire. Don’t live in the far north and blame God for the snow and ice and bitter wind. Don’t live in the deep south and blame God for the relentless heat and scorching wind. Instead, praise God for every blessing and live in harmony with His world.

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