Psalm 28

“Blessed be the Lord! for he has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy.” (Psalm 27:6)

God is merciful! Whether you are David or a prophet; apostle or an ordinary human being you have need of mercy and God hears your cry when mercy is needed. In this way, God is unique among those wearing the title of god. All other gods appear to be reluctant and often require terrible sacrifices to even entertain a plea for mercy. Most gods of idolatry never hear pleas for mercy.

Our God is different because He does hear our cries and reacts to them in a positive way. In a sense, the entire world of mankind pleads for mercy because their sin is ever before them. At some point in time, everyone realizes they are inadequate in removing their sins. They need a savior and God, in His mercy, granted mankind one. He sent His own son to take away the sin of the world which was the highest form of mercy.

We are told that God protects us from the evil one by limiting the tempter to nothing more than we can handle. That is the mercy of God. If Satan were allowed full freedom to tempt mankind, there would be no hope for the Christian to walk in the light. God provides, through his mercy a means of escape from every temptation and trouble brought by the Devil.

Do we accept His mercy without blessing Him? Do we praise Him for His deliverance or do we complain as the children led out of slavery did? Blessed be the Lord should be our cry day or night. His love and His grace are freely given and because of His love and His grace mercy is ever ready for us.

Task for Today: First, don’t be ashamed or afraid to call for mercy. Trust that God will grant you mercy when you need it. He wants you to have His mercy. Second, give God the glory! Blessed be His name for He has thrown the rider into the sea. God has rescued us from the evil one, and by His mercy, He has saved us. Thank Him over and over as you go through the day.

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