Psalm 30

“Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalm 30:5b)

This statement seems more like a proverb than a thought in a psalm. The concept is an important one, whichever. The psalmist says it as if it were a proverb and one that could be trusted as truth. We have varying ways of saying the same thing in our culture, such as “Time heals all wounds,” and “It’ll be better in the morning.”

I think the thought that I like best is the “tarry.” Weeping is not a permanent state of affairs. When the child of God puts his or her faith in Him, no sorrow can remain for long. The blessings of God are too great. The promises of God are too good. The child of God can’t imagine all the wonderful things God has in store for him or her.

As long as the world stands, every night will be followed by morning. It’s the promise of God. Every defeat will be turned into victory. The Christian is given every reason to rejoice. The Christian has been assured by God that he or she will ultimately win. In the last morning of life, there will be joy. “Enter into the joy of your Lord,” will be the resurrection cry from on high.

Task for Today: Don’t despair if your day has taken a wrong turn. Instead, you turn to God and ask Him for a solution before you go to bed. Sleep peacefully in the knowledge that God has your back. Don’t despair if your life has taken a wrong turn. Instead, you turn to God with the knowledge that after this life of tears, eternal bliss awaits your awakening.

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