Hebrews 4:9

“So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God,”

“So then,” tells us that the author has reached a conclusion of some kind. We see right away what the conclusion is; the Sabbath rest is still available. As it has always been the rest of God is available to those who are His people. Part of that conclusion is shown in the translation of Sabbath rest. The word rest is not in the text, but we know that the idea of rest is inherent in the term Sabbath.

On the seventh day following creation, God rested from creation. He did not retire and vanish from His creation for He stills maintains all that He created. In the same way, He offers us a rest from our labors, and like His own, it will be an eternal one. There is, of course, that already-not-yet element to the rest. This rest begins when the Christian accepts God’s salvation and is finalize when Jesus comes again.

Task for Today: Make sure you are a part of the people of God. Claim your spot as a child of the promise. Look forward to the heavenly rest.

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