Psalm 65:2

“O you who hears prayer, to you shall all flesh come.” (Psalm 65:2)

The psalm begins with the thought that all praise is due God and all vows should be performed to Him. Who is this one who receives all praise? In a land of idols and idol worshippers, this is a profound statement. There is a major difference in David’s God and the idols of the surrounding nations. That difference is that God hears prayers and the idols are without senses.

We instantly think of the great trial on Mount Carmel. The prophet of God made fun of the idol worshippers because they could not get an answer from their god. Idols are nothing more than the imagination of men and have only the power that men give them. They are the creation of mankind and have no more power than the ones who make them. Man cannot make stone or gold hear or talk, much less act.

On the other hand, mankind is the creation of  God, and both hears and talks because their creator can do both. Not only that but since the creator is more powerful than the created, God not only hears men but acts on behalf of men. Idols were given no life by their creators, but God gives life to men whom He created.

Men still make idols. Perhaps not of gold or stone or wood, but idols just the same. Man still fails to realize that those idols are as limited as the one who created them. They can be worshiped, but they cannot reward those who worship them. They cannot hear prayers nor can they answer them. They are in that regard, worthless. Yet men still worship them.

Task for Today: Put away your idols, whatever they are. They cannot hear you nor can they save you. The fact is that your idols, like all idols, have less ability than you do. Turn to the one true God and recognize that He created you, not the other way around. God does hear prayer and God does act. Eventually, all flesh will turn to Him. Do so today before it is too late for Him to save you.

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