Psalm 64:10

“Let the righteous one rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in him! Let all the upright in heart exult!” (Psalm 64:10)

What a privilege those who are counted righteous have. They can rejoice and take refuge in God. They can exult! Isn’t that something? The upright in heart can’t brag on themselves, but they can brag on God. There’s not a lot to rejoice about in this world, but the righteous one can rejoice in the Lord. The upright in heart, the righteous ones, know something that the rest of mankind does not know.

What do they know? They know that when the tumult comes, as it surely will, they will have a place of safety. They know that when the world cries for the rocks to hide them, they will be hidden in the Rock of Ages. When the ungodly scream in terror, the upright in heart will celebrate.

The unrighteous of the world dare not cry, “Come quickly,” but the righteous exult in that cry. The world fears the wrath of God, but the righteous know no wrath. The righteous rejoice in the coming of the Lord.

Task for Today: First, ascertain which of the two groups we are discussing you are a member of. If you are among the righteous, then by all means rejoice. Since you are taking refuge in the God of the universe, you have no need to fear or flee. Do your face and life reflect that great truth? Second, if you aren’t among the righteous, you need to make some serious changes. You will never find real happiness until you change your relationship with God. Give up self and submit to Him. Don’t put it off, today is the day of salvation according to the Lord.


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