“Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord.” (Eph. 5:22) In this verse, Paul gives a special decree to the married women of the Ephesus church. Many resist this passage and threat it as archaic because women are created equal with men. Why should they (the wives) be submissive? This statement also […]


“…and be subject to one another in the fear of Christ.” (Eph. 5:21) Our culture does not support the concept of submission. A culture that demanded a bill of rights from a king in the 1300’s and insisted one be included in a constitution, free slaves, insisted on women’s rights is not into the idea […]

Thank You God

“…always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father;” (Eph. 5:20) Songs are one of the many ways we can thank God for all his goodness to us. This singing Paul talks about has three components; when what, and how. When we sing we are […]

Singing From the Heart

“…speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord.” (Eph. 5:19) This verse encourages faithful saints to sing out loud to benefit others so that they may hear the praise to God. It also encourages them to sing silently as well in their […]

Wine is a Mocker

“And do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit.” (Eph. 5:18) I don’t believe drinking wine is a sin, but I also don’t believe it leads to wisdom in the greater sense. Being filled with the Spirit is a term meant to suggest that we leave our […]

Free Book

Can’t Catch Me is a free download to your e-book reader today and tomorrow. This is an exciting read and suitable for Christians to read. It’s a high paced story and as in all my books, the good guys ultimately triumph. Can’t beat the price so take advantage of my generosity. Tell your reading friends […]

Don’t Act the Fool

“So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” (Eph. 5:17) So then usually follows some previously stated information. In this case, it began in verse 6 with the words, “Let no one deceive you with empty words…” Paul follows that up with several points to emphasize how faithful […]

Free Ebook

Can’t Catch Me, a kindle book by Philip Dampier can be downloaded from Amazon for free today, Monday and Tuesday.  An E-reader app is available on Amazon for all handheld devices and computers. This is not a Robert H. and Tisza book. Copy and paste:   http://a.co/6A1MnPf

Evil Days

“…making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” (Eph. 5:16) If we couldn’t or didn’t figure this out for ourselves, Paul states it plainly. The days are evil. There is evil in the world. Satan is alive and active. His handiwork is everywhere and completely surrounds us. We cannot live in the […]