Psalm 66:16

“Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul.” (Psalm 66:16)

Those of us who live in a “What have you done for me lately?” world should appreciate the sentiment of these words. For those in the days of the psalmist, hearing about God was of the same importance as our hearing about Jesus. Even in the long ago, there was a need for remembrance of what God was doing for His people. This was particularly true in the spiritual sense. Among a people who constantly rated God on deliverance from enemies and the richness of the harvest, they needed to be reminded that God is about more than food or raiment.

Jesus was often disappointed as He traveled around Israel and its environs because He found people who were hungry for food and interested only in the here and now of their lives. The food and drink He brought was not for the body but the soul.

When we invite people to come and hear about what Jesus has done for us, do we point to our physical well being and abundance or do we talk about our souls? We can talk about houses and land, bank accounts and 401s but if we do, we are missing the real blessing of being in Jesus. Instead of a material inventory, we should be making a spiritual one. There is a lot we can do about our material well being, but we need Christ, the Son of God, to help us with our souls.

There is a marvelous passage in 3rd John, chapter one. It reads like this, “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” Think for a moment of what it would be like for an apostle to wish you material things to equal your spiritual height.

Task for Today: Are things well with your soul? Would you like to be blessed in the material world according to the riches of your spiritual self? Can you today invite others to hear the good news of your soul? I hope you answered yes to these questions, but if you didn’t, it’s not too late to change things around. Let Jesus in your heart today. Give Him free rein to work on your soul. Turn your spiritual life over to God. Say in your heart, “Mold me and make me after your will.”

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