Living and Walking

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” (Gal. 5:25)

This verse and the next offer us that choice again. In this verse, we are asked to live and walk by the Spirit. We are to let the Holy Spirit that lives in us because of grace direct our lives. We cannot afford to quench the Spirit or to greave Him by ignoring His presence in our lives. When we crucified the old man of self we invited the Spirit to take his place in our lives. He, the Spirit of Truth, now lives in us. We have become the temple of the living God and He dwells within us in that temple.

The Jews were wanting God to return to the temple in Jerusalem. He did not and He will not. Those today who are wanting Jesus to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and live there are asking Jesus to do something He does not want to do because He has already built a temple and that temple is the church. The Spirit of Jesus dwells in that temple.

Since the Spirit lives in us we then are living by Him. He is the director and guide of the Christian person within whom He lives. Walking by the Spirit is just a way of saying that the indwelt Christian is to be guided by the Holy Spirit who is producing all those wonderful fruits. Day by day the Spirit guides us into Holy living, into Christ-like behavior. It is the Spirit who helps us walk in the light with Jesus. In so doing we have a wonderful fellowship with each other and with the Godhead.

What happens to the sins we commit after our baptism? Do we need to be baptized over and over again? Of course not. You only die once to sin. You can’t be continually buried and raised again. No, by walking with the Spirit we have immediate access to the cleansing blood of Jesus day and night. Without that cleansing, that purification, sanctification, and holiness, we could not have the Spirit living in us. God will not live in a sinner’s heart but only in one made righteous by the grace of Christ through His blood.

Task for Today: Don’t forget who you are and who lives in you. Never, not even for a moment should you lose sight that the Spirit of God is directing your life. Do not try to direct your own steps. Man does not have the skill to do that. To walk the path of God one must have God directing the walk. Yield to the Spirit’s leadership, calling, direction. Enjoy the fruit of such a walk. If you haven’t been Spirit-led lately, remove yourself and let Him have His way with you.

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