Conceited Christians?

“Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.” (Gal. 5:26)

So ends chapter five. It seems disconnected in a way from the main argument. But there is a danger of Christian conceit isn’t there. We could start boasting on how we have the Spirit and how we’re saved by grace and how we’re children of God and heirs with Christ. Oh, so much to be conceited about.

And we could certainly use those things to provoke a brother or sister. We could claim more sins and thus more grace. We could look down on them and cause them to become angry or jealous of us because of our good status. At the same time, we could find someone who seems more Spirit-led than us and become envious of them.

The thing we need to keep in mind is that all of us came from the same place. We all were trapped in sin because of the flesh. Not one of us was righteous, no not one singularly one of us. We were all equally lost, equally damned by a life of sin. Every single Christian today as well as then was once alienated from God and His spiritual kingdom. The only boasting for a child of God is to boast in Christ.

There is no difference in Christ. No one is better or closer or more loved than another. Being rich or poor makes no difference and neither does being male or female. Lovely or ugly, tall or short, smart or not so, no none of those things nor any other thing makes a difference to the blood of Jesus.

What’s more, when we were made new creatures, none of us were given supreme status. All were made children of God and equal heirs. Your mansion will not be bigger, brighter or more blessed than mine. Your reign with Christ will last no longer than mine. I will not have more heaven or more joy than you. There is nothing for us to be envious about. Since there is nothing to be envious about there is also nothing to provoke one another about or feel superior about.

Task for Today: Be a peacemaker today. Rejoice with those that rejoice and cry with those who cry. Share the fruits of the Spirit and the grace of Christ. As much as possible live your life in peace with others, putting them first ahead of yourself. Let brotherly love continue, never be the cause of unhappiness or strife.

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