Comments on Verses from Prophets

Jeremiah 46:17 “Call the name of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, ‘Noisy one who lets the hour go by.'”

We have read of American Indians who give names based on deeds or traits, but we may not have expected a prophet to use such language. Pharaoh apparently is all noise and very little action. The Bible has its share of talkers rather than doers. Come to think of it, we might have a few in modern times.

People offer prayer when some good deed is needed. Unfortunately, people may promise to pray but never get around to it. People plan on action but sit on their hands instead. Too much talk and not enough action is not something new we discover. We may even have done too much talking and not enough ‘deeds’ ourselves. We are familiar with the ‘round-to-it’ jokes. We have a new one now, ‘circle back.’ We can talk a good game, but that is not the same thing as playing on the field.

Task for Today: Don’t be a noisy one who lets the hour go by. Don’t put it off another day. Act now. Visit the sick, feed someone, lend a hand, share the gospel. Don’t talk and then act and don’t act and then talk. Just go and do.

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