Hebrews 11:39

“And all these, though commended through their faith, did not receive what was promised.”

Does this seem unfair to you? As you read the chapter and relive the great trials of their faith, it seems odd that they still have not received the promise. We can only conclude that God has withheld the promise for a reason. Could it be that those who came to faith after the Messiah also deserved the promise? The writer is not suggesting that the faithful ones will not receive the promise but that the promise is delayed so that all who decide to live by faith will be able to receive the reward.

Indeed, all who sought the city with foundations by faith will participate in the reward. God is not unfaithful in His promises but will bring all to pass in His time. Even Jesus was not certain of when that time would be. God has a plan and nothing, no one and no power can prohibit it’s coming to pass. All the saints of old as well as the saints of new will one day the promise of God revealed in His glory. Do not grow faint and do not give up your faith.

Task for Today: Rest your mind and heart today. God’s promise is yet to be, and the day of rest has not come. The thing to do today is to join that great throng of witnesses to the faithfulness of God to the faithful. Don’t make this world your home. Don’t make this life your home. You have a home in the city of God if you remain faithful.

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