Hebrews 11: 38

“…of whom the world was not worthy—wandering about in deserts and mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.”

Kings and prophets, shepherds, and widows, all who chose God over the rulers of darkness paid a price for their faithfulness. And, their faithfulness won them great victories. Regardless of how it appears on earth, the faithful are never defeated. Not even the grave can keep them from receiving their reward. In a sense, those who remained faithful in spite of the hardships, and no matter the difficulties they faced were the real winners even here on the earth.

Earth was not worthy, but heaven is. The faithful will exchange their deserts for a place of fruitfulness. They will trade their caves and dens for rooms in the most beautiful city ever conceived—a city with secure foundations that can never be shaken. And what of the rest? Those who enjoyed the pleasure of sin for a short time? They will pay for their temporary pleasure with an eternity of torment.

Task for Today: As you consider the fate of faithful and faithless, take time to assign yourself to one of the camps. When your time on earth comes to an end, you will trade what you have for something else. What will you trade?

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