Hebrews 11:40

“…since God had provided something better for us, that apart from us, they should not be made perfect.”

All the people of faith, from the beginning to the end, will receive the same reward at the same time. Would it have been fair to reward Noah or Moses with something less perfect than the ultimate just so they could have it in their lifetime? Our writer thinks not. In the end, there is a better reward. Remember, this is the book of betters. Since this reward is for the faithful, then all the faithful should get the better reward.

The faith heroes of old did not see the reward in their time, and the faith heroes of today may not see the reward in their time, but all will see the same reward, and it will come when time ends for the earth. All the faith heroes of all time will go to their reward together, and together they will ever be with God.

Task for Today: Are you a faith hero today? No great feat is required. Trust in God rather than self or others is required. Seeing the invisible is required. Believing to the point of death is required. Total and complete surrender to the will of God is required.

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