Hebrews 11:30

“By faith the walls of Jerico fell down after they had been encircled for seven days.”

This is a well known Biblical story that has launched all sorts of scientific inquires as to the possible cause of a huge city wall falling down. The truth, of course, is that it wasn’t an earthquake of immense proportions. Nothing involving science at all. That is a problem for a great many unbelievers. They believe in science but not the creator of science. They believe in natural laws but can’t explain where the law originated. Please keep in mind that the one who makes the rules can break the rules. Science can’t break it’s set boundaries, but the one who created science can do as He pleases and often does.

The simple truth is that the walls of Jerico fell down because of the most powerful force on this earth. It’s called FAITH. Circling the walls for seven days does not cause strong stone walls to tumble to the ground. It does not put fear in the hearts of the people inside the city. Trumpets blowing and people shouting are not effective means of destroying walls either. The walls fell because the people of God did what He told them to do believing (faith) that He would win the victory for them. If we asked the marchers what brought the walls down, they would say, “God.” But the Hebrews’ writer makes it clear that God did it because of the faith of His people.

Task for Today: Have any walls keeping you from your God-appointed task? Don’t look for science to provide you the answer. Science might be the very wall itself. Today, encircle your walls with faith. The God who made you will take care of you. He promised, and He doesn’t break promises.

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