Hebrews 9:10

“…but deal only with food and drink and various washings, regulations for the body imposed until the time of reformation.”

Those former things, still being practiced by some Jewish Christians, were not spiritual in nature but dealt with physical things. They were useful in their time but once Jesus came and brought in reformation they were no longer pertinent. The coming of Jesus, as had been predicted over and over, changed all of that. He changed the law. He changed the priesthood. He changed the sacrifice. He changed the results of man’s appeal to God for restitution.

He did what all of history could not do. He came bringing God to earth. At last, Jesus made the approach of men to God easy. The way is open. Need God? You can have access through your high priest. Need forgiveness? You have it through your high priest. Need grace? You have it through your high priest. Want an eternal home with God? You have it through your high priest. If, your high priest is Jesus.

Task for Today: The Old Way offers you physical things. The New Way offers you spiritual? Which do you choose today? Make Jesus your only high priest. Live with Him as covenant giver, not Moses. Live with His blood as savior not the blood of bulls and goats. If you have not accepted Jesus as your high priest please make that decision today.

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