Hebrews 9:9

“(which is symbolic for the present age). According to this arrangement, gifts and sacrifices are offered that cannot perfect the conscience of the worshiper…”

Everything about the tabernacle service was looking forward to the time of Christ. The old arrangement did not provide a permanent solution for the sins of the people. Because of this, it had to be done year after year. The Old Testament and its provision of worship and sacrifice were temporary because they did not ultimately solve the problem of sin. The Old Testament covenant, the tabernacle, and all the provisions it made were given by God as a temporary measure until the perfect solution was given.

The Hebrews were constantly reminded of this but they became so proud of their selection to have the place holder position that they took it as a permanent appointment and ignore the words of the prophets. Proof of this finally hits its pinnacle when they put the newly appointed priest on a cross and denied God the right to change His covenant.

At the writing of the Hebrews letter, they were still in rebellion to the new covenant and were trying to return to the first covenant and priesthood.

Task for Today: Don’t get caught up in holding on to the old covenant and its laws. Nothing in that law pertains to you today. If you are in Christ you are no longer subject to the rules and regulations of the Old Testament or any of its provisions of worship and sacrifices. Many still want to keep the Ten Commandments. Don’t do that. Christ nailed them to the tree of Calvary and replaced them with new commands.

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