Hebrews 9:8

“By this the Holy Spirit indicates that the way into the holy places is not yet opened as long as the first section is still standing…”

As long as the priests were limited to one day a year in their approach to the mercy seat of God the access to God was not available to everyone. As long as the tabernacle was in use then the people were limited to meeting with God on an annual basis. The solution, of course, was to eliminate the tabernacle and the priesthood that served it. This necessitated the elimination of the covenant that spelled out the first tabernacle’s and priesthood’s function.

Eliminate the tabernacle, the priesthood, and the covenant and replace them all with a system based on spiritual things rather than physical is what God did. He changed the priesthood and the covenant. This made a new tabernacle necessary. The first tabernacle was replaced by one made by God rather than human hands. When the new high priest took office the veil in the temple than separated the holy place from the most holy place was ripped in half showing that the most holy place was no longer closed to the people.

God had already stripped the temple (tabernacle) of those ‘holy’ items that made it holy. This was a sign that God was done with the Levitical priesthood and its machinations. He made sure that this could be understood by using a visual sign. After He placed His son in the position of high priest He destroyed the temple. It has been replaced by a temple that cannot be destroyed.

Task for Today: If you accept Jesus as your high priest you become the new temple where God can be met on a continual basis. Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to live in you as He was in the most holy place in the tabernacle? Make your heart the dwelling place of God today.

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