Hebrews 8:3

“For every high priest is appointed to offer gifts and sacrifices; thus it is necessary for this priest also to have something to offer.”

What is the purpose of the high priest? It is to offer the various gifts and sacrifices required by God of the people who worship Him. For the Aaronic priesthood, these were specifically pointed out in the Law of Moses. Chapter after chapter detailed the various gifts and sacrifices that were required daily and annually. The tent and temple area were busy every day with priests ministering these sacrifices. It was multifaceted and complicated. It took an entire family of people to keep up with it all. These priests and high priests also had gifts and sacrifices of their own to offer.

In the same way, Jesus, as the Melchizedekian priest, was required to offer a gift and sacrifice. Because He was of a different order than the Levitical priesthood His gift and sacrifice were also to be different. His priesthood was authorized because the Levitical one could not bring about eternal forgiveness. The only real, lasting, true forgiveness was the blood and separation of the Son of God.

Task for Today: Thank God for the gift of His Son. Thank Him for the blood of Jesus that washed you white as snow and made you a child of the God of Heaven. Thank Him for everlasting forgiveness of your sins through your high priest, Jesus, your Lord, and King.

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