Hebrews 8:4

“Now if he were on earth, he would not be a priest at all, since there are priest who offer gifts according to the law.”

If Jesus were still a man He could not serve as a priest because He was not a Levite nor a descendant of Aaron. Jesus lived under the law, and because of that, He was constrained to keep the law. This He did and went to the cross sinless. However, by His death, He removed the very law that kept us in subjection to sin. That law made nothing perfect and thus had to be taken away, which Jesus did by nailing it to His cross.

When Jesus overcame death and rose to life He did so to a world under new order. His ascension to heaven then allowed Him to assume the role of high priest, and in that role, He took His blood to the true mercy seat of God and offered it there as a final sacrifice to God. Two things happened in the death and the ascension of Jesus. One, the Law of Moses which included the Ten Commandments, was destroyed, removed, and made null and void. Two, Jesus now free of the earth, and the law, could assume the Melchizedekian like priesthood.

Task for Today: Pray through the high priest who is in heaven, seated at the right hand of God. Pray through the one who makes constant intercession for you. Rejoice that you are not bound by rules and regulations of earth but are free in Christ.

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