Hebrews 8:2

“A minister in the holy places, in the true tent that the Lord set up, not man.”

Where is the ministry of Jesus? It is in the true holy place; the place where God lives not in a temporary dwelling like a tent or temple. What does He do there? He intercedes for His people. He sits in the presence of God, putting Himself between God and the church.

Why is it called the true tent? Because the first tent, the tabernacle, then the temple was given as a temporary representative of the true dwelling place of God. God could not possibly be contained in a building of cloth or stone. Neither of those versions of the mercy seat of God came close to what God’s presence required.

The true holy place of God was created by God and built by God. The tent and temple were the products of man. The temple, a more permanent structure than the tent was primarily the idea of man. David wanted to make the house of God permanent. The only permanent house of God is the church of God, not a building but made of living stones.

Task for Today: The tent and temple are interesting studies, showing us in an earthly way what the true home is like, but they aren’t the real thing. We now have the real thing, the church of the living God which is anchored in the true holy of holies. Are you a part of that church today? This would be a great day to ask God to add you to His church.

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