Hebrews 7:22

“This makes Jesus the guarantor of a better covenant.”

We now get to the underlying point of this discourse. To the Jews, the covenant that came through Moses was the complete guide for every aspect of their life but especially when it came to being righteous. Their entire concept of salvation was based on that covenant. The Jews of Jesus’ time rejected Him because they saw Him as an adversary to the covenant of Moses. It was, in fact, what Jesus taught.

The first covenant came on stones through Moses. The second covenant came in a living person through the Son of God. The oath that assured Jesus as the eternal high priest also sealed the new covenant God made with the people of earth. Since the priesthood of Jesus was superior it follows that the covenant behind that priesthood is superior to the former one.

Task for Today: Even after all these years we still have Jesus followers who want to cling to the Ten Commandments as their rule of law. Don’t do that. The Ten Commandments and the rest of the Mosaical law were nailed to the Golgotha tree. Embrace the better covenant.

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