Hebrews 6:8

“But if it bears thorns and thistles, it is worthless and near to being cursed, and its end is to be burned.”

The analogy continues, and now we see the reverse side of the argument. Just as productive land receives a blessing, so the unproductive receives a curse. This is the natural order, and we expect it in all things dealing with nature and men. The writer is reminding his readers that is is a constant principle recognized as the way things are.

So it is with God’s dealings with man. Those who accept His Son as Lord and Christ of their life are in for a blessing, and those who reject Him are in for a curse. All things valuable and meaningful in eternity are connected to this precept. It is simple. Obey God and be blessed; disobey God and be cursed. The entire nation of Israel was sat on two mountainsides, and the law was read with the admonition that those who obeyed would be blessed and those who did not would be cursed.

Strange that people today can’t understand the principle. Modern man thinks God is obligated to save him and bless him because of God’s goodness, regardless of how mankind reacts to God’s principles of behavior.

Task for Today: Take time to let this principle sink in. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. To be cursed by God is a terrible thought to contemplate. The blessing can be yours. God wants to give it to you. Trust Him and obey Him, and He will bless you.

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