Hebrews 6:9

“Though we speak in this way, yet in your case, beloved, we feel sure of better things—things that belong to salvation.”

Having gone through a lot of negative stuff, the author is reminded of the good things the Hebrews are doing. Like most of us, the Hebrews had some credible activities and traits that needed to be mentioned. They had made a great start, and he lets them know he realizes that. At the same time, he is disappointed that they are still at the starting point.

This group of believers has great potential evidently. They are special in the author’s eyes because of the good things they have done and the efforts they have made. There are so special that he is full of warnings to them not to stop at the edge of potential but to grasp all the good things that lie ahead. The things he is concerned about are in the arena of salvation. The things of salvation are the essentials for the Christians. No matter what other good things they might do, they must reach salvation.

Task for Today: Wherever you are in the scheme of things religious, babe, or adult, do not let your salvation slip. Move on to mature things but especially concentrate on those things that involve salvation. Your faith in Jesus and God must lead you to obedience. Not only trust in God today but obey God today and every day.

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