Hebrews 2:6

“It has been testified somewhere, ‘What is man, that you are mindful of him, or the son of man that you care for him?’”

One of the things we notice about the writer of Hebrews is his casual mention of scripture. Rather than give book, chapter, and verse he is satisfied to just mention the message. Most of his quotes come from the Psalms and the Psalms as we well know were extremely well known by Jews. Most Jews would have committed most if not all of them to memory. So well known were they that often just the first verse was quoted since the audience would know the rest. This is what Jesus did on the cross.

Since man is lower than the angels and well known for his rebellion in sin the psalmist wonders why God cares anything about him. Why does he care about the children of men as well? We know after the fact that the answer to that thought is because God’s Son becomes a man and God is very mindful of the Son. Because of Jesus God is concerned from humanity. It isn’t that there is something special about mankind that makes God look after them but God made the decision to love His creation and that means take care of them.

Task for Today: Today you should give thanks to God for His great love which has provided everything you need even though you are not worthy. Thank Jesus today for it is through Him that the tender mercies of God are showered down upon you.

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