Hebrews 1:7

“Of the angels he says, ‘He makes his angels winds, and his ministers a flame of fire.’”

More of the same persuasion. God has elevated angels to a higher level than men. As we will see in the next verse, they were not elevated above the Son but rather the other way around. The Hebrews author wants there to be no doubt in his readers’ minds that when God changed messengers, He did so by using the highest possible messenger available, His Son.

This verse is a quote from Psalms 104:4. The Hebrew writer was a student of the Psalms and uses them a lot. Psalm 104 is about the greatness of God. This verse is figurative language, as is most of the psalm. The psalmist wants everyone to know how powerful God is, and so he mentions how God controls everything, elevating even his messengers.

This language is all done to be comparative for the verse to follow. Yes, the angels were given responsibility and were elevated in power and might to accomplish their task, but, God has done so much more for the Son.

Task for Today: Obviously, God expects us to pay more attention to the Son. Today, move Jesus to the top of the list of God messengers. Preacher, teachers, even angels, are secondary to the Son. Hear Jesus and Jesus only. Listen today to the words of God. Open the word and read. Understand this is God talking.

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