Psalm 147:1

“Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God; for it is pleasant, and a song of praise is fitting.” (Psalm 147:1)

It is true, isn’t it? If you have praised the Lord in song, you know how pleasant, how satisfying that singing can be. It makes you feel good because it is so fitting to your heart and soul. To step in the shower and start a song of praise without even thinking about it changes your entire day. Stuck in traffic and remembering the words of a song about God and have them burst from your lips changes the waiting from drudgery to fun.

It’s good to sing praises. Good for us inside out. It produces harmony between earth and heaven as it links our hearts to the heart of God. It anchors our soul in the real rock of life, reminding us of our purpose here. The singing of praises to God has an accumulative value as it builds our understanding of who we are and who God is and why we are the ones doing the praising.

It’s good to sing praises. Good for us because of all the things we learned in the previous psalm and in other psalms. Singing praises erases our doubts and rebuilds our faith.

Task for Today: Don’t know where you are spiritually today but if I can talk you into a song of praise I know where you will be in a few moments. Think about what God has already done for you today. Sing a song about that. If you don’t know one, make up one. You have lots of material.

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