Psalm 146:1

“Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul!” (Psalm 146:1)

The psalms have given us many reasons to praise the Lord as well as many ways. The psalms have reminded us that all of God’s creation praises God, and the only exception is mankind. Of all the creation, mankind has the greatest reason to praise Him. Why then are we so hesitant to give Him praise?

The psalmist gives us lots of reasons to do so even in this psalm. God keeps faith forever he writes. God executes justice for the oppressed. God feeds the hungry. God sets the prisoners free. God gives sight to the blind. God lifts up the downtrodden. God loves the righteous people. God keeps an eye on the homeless. God sticks up for the widows and fatherless.

Either you are someone close to you fits in one of these categories and maybe more than one category. When you really allow what God is doing in the world and your life, the only reason you can find not to praise him is if you are among the wicked. In that case, you are in deep trouble.

Task for Today: Don’t take the blessings and care of God for granted today. Please don’t. If you haven’t done so already, please stop what you are doing and praise Him. Speak, pray, sing praise to the Lord with all of your soul.


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