Psalm 125:2

“As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore.” (Psalm 125:2)

I love singing these words in song during worship at my church. What a comforting thought to be surrounded by God. To get to me, evil has to go through Christ on the cross and in so doing will be defeated. The blood of Jesus cleansed me from sin and continues to cleanse me according to John 1:7. From this time and forever God has called me under His wings and I have chosen to take refuge there.

No matter where the attack comes from I am protected by the mountain of the Lord. A mighty fortress is my God. No arrow can pierce, no fire can burn, no flood can destroy for I am under His wings. Not even the force field of science fiction can match the shield that protects my every way. God is a circle around me keeping me safe from all harm.

Task for Today: Do you have a security sign in your yard? What about protection for your soul? Seek the Lord while He may be found. Turn all your security problems over to Him. Hear Jesus call to you as He did to Jerusalem and take shelter under his wings. If God is on your side, He will surround you from this time and forevermore.

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