Psalm 126:5

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of Joy!” (Psalm 126:5)

Here is a psalm of great promise. This present world is a world of tears but the world to come is a world of joy. Life is not easy; we know that. We live here as strangers in a world that fights us among evil beings who also fight us. Tragedy abounds, sorrow is just around the corner. Pain is a constant companion or if not pain, then losing someone of value.

Yes, tears are a part of life on this earth. They are a result of a fallen world, of the failure of man to keep God’s word. Thanks be to the God of heaven that He did not decree that there would be an eternity of pain and suffering, of tears and weeping. God promised a time of joy. Not just joy for the moment, we have that already, but real joy that doesn’t end. A time and a place of no tears, of no toil or labor. We have a rest provided for us if we allow God to adopt us as His children.

Task for Today: Done any crying lately? Probably. It’s part of life. Want a life of joy? Accept the gift of salvation from God and with that gift comes the promise of eternal happiness. What are you waiting for?

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