Psalm 124:1

“If it had not been the Lord who was on our side—let Israel now say—“ (Psalm 124:1)

Growing up we played lots of pickup ball games. One of the most important things involved in that process was picking sides. Depending on the sport if you were a captain you wanted your first pick to be the best player in that particular sport. When playing football, I could really catch the ball, so my first pick was always the best passer. In other words, who was on your side was extremely important and it paid to know all who were going to be involved in the game.

How much more important to know who is on your side in life. Life is longer than a game and much more important. Picking the best player in life to be on your team is even more crucial than in a game.

The psalmist knows the value of having God on Israel’s side. He says later in the psalm they would have swallowed us and the torrents would have gone over us like raging waters. Israel could defeat no one without God and could defeat anyone with God. Knowing that was key. Often the leaders of the nation forgot who the best team player was. They chased flashy players who promised much but delivered nothing. When the wind became a whirlwind, and the sea rolled in violence, it was God who bade it still.

Task for Today: The enemy will come against you with the greatest players on earth. You will not be able to stand against them. You will not be able to defeat them unless you are able to say, “If it had been the Lord who was on our side.” Is He? He should be your first pick.

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