Psalm 83:18

“That they may know that you alone, whose name is the Lord, are the Most High over all the earth.” (Psalm 83:18)

Who are the “they” in this verse? It is the enemies of God. There is a long list, but it is not exhaustive. Right on into modern times, there are those who have set themselves up against God and do not recognize Him as the Most High over all the earth. In 2019, leaders of many nations think they are ruling the earth. They are, of course, mistaken. Their rule is limited in time as well as place. It is also limited in terms of scope. When God is done with them He will bring them down.

One day, a day in the future, all men will kneel in the presence of the Most High over all the earth and say “You are the true God.” God may not treat them as the psalmist suggests. He may just let them go and die like all men, but one day they will pay for what they have done in putting themselves above or equal to the Most High over all the earth.

Everything in this world belongs to God. It is on loan to the people of earth to be used for their good. Keep in mind that it is a loan. Even the cattle on a thousand hills belong to God. Everything created belongs to the creator. In truth, even man belongs to God, but God allows man to choose his own destiny. Everything else is under His control, but man has forgotten that. Man today believes that the human race is in charge. Those who do so believe they can manipulate the universe to achieve their own outcome, but nothing is further than the truth. The only thing humans control is their own decision to recognize God as the Most High over all the earth or take the credit themselves.

Task for Today. Put your life in perspective today. Remember that you were created and since your creation you have personally created nothing. No man has. You may have reorganized something created, but there are no new “matters” being created since the beginning. Know who you are today. Acknowledge God as the Most High over all the earth. It does His bidding, doesn’t it? Give God the glory for the creation and for His continuance of it. Acknowledge the fact that He can end it whenever He desires. He will.


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