Psalm 82:3, 4

“Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” (Psalm 82:3, 4)

This plea is a constant concern of God made evident via the Old Testament prophets. God has always disapproved of those who take advantage of the weak and helpless. Obviously, it has been a problem for the inhabitants of the earth since the fall. In spite of the call of God for mankind to take care of the poor, the widow, the orphan and those who cannot take care of themselves the selfishness of men have led them not only to ignore the plight of those people but to take advantage of them.

“Remember the poor,” Paul was told by the Elders. Taking care of orphans and widows was considered the aim of those who wanted to practice pure religion. A cup of water in the name of Jesus was considered the role of those who followed him. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and otherwise ministering to the weak and helpless was the message of Jesus.

How is it that people who claim to be Christians take advantage of renters, of employees, of the weak and helpless? How can a believer be a slum lord? Why do we treat the Lazarus’s of this age like the rich man did? How can a child of God close his eyes and then his hands to the poor and needy of this world? When we give away our worn out stuff and purchase food we wouldn’t eat for the hungry are we giving justice?

When we fail to maintain the right of the afflicted and destitute, we not only rob them of the necessities of life on earth, we also rob them of the message of hope of the world to come. Where people have no water, we should build a well and where there is no food we should share our bounty. Most important, we should tell the good news of Jesus who was very particular about the afflicted and destitute.

Task for Today: Ask yourself, “Why am I so blessed?” Take a good look at your closet and food pantry. Check your bank balance and your laid up treasure. Give justice to the weak and fatherless. Rescue the weak and the needy. Do something today for those who need to be delivered that cost you; not second hand and not left over.


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