Psalm 76:1

“In Judah God is known; his name is great in Israel.” (Psalm 76:1)

How unfortunate that you and I live in a nation that wants to remove the knowledge of God from its citizens and take His name out of the public conscious. There was a time, and it wasn’t long ago that God was well known in America, worshiped by the majority of her citizens. Yes, there was a time when men and women revered His name and praised His deeds among the people.

God has been removed from schools and any government offices in the land. His name and His word were invoked by the nation when officials were sworn into office. In God, We Trust was a symbol on our coins, but now there is a desire to change that. What will we put in its place? “We trust in horses and chariots?” “We trust in science and our own knowledge?” “We trust in our own ability to know what is right?”

Here is a nation that won’t spit into the wind or tug on Superman’s cape but has no problem telling God to get lost. Thanks, God, but no thanks, we’ll take it from here. These are the voices of people we elected to represent us. These are the voices of the teachers in higher learning institutes where God has been banned.  These are the voices we listen to on television and read in the major newspaper and opinion magazines.

First, our national treasury was bankrupted, and then our national morality was bankrupted. We are without funds, and we are without moral decency as a nation. We now call good evil and evil good. Unborn babies are no longer safe in this country, and soon if these godless people have their way, newborn babies will not be safe. How can a country that murders its own children be considered moral?

Task for Today: Speak out for God. Let His name not die on our lips nor in our land. When you vote, make sure you are looking at the right issues. Is God known in your house? Is His name great there? If not, make a change today.

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