Psalm 77:8

“Has his steadfast love forever ceased? Are his promises at an end for all time?” (Psalm 77:8)

In the English Standard Version, this Psalm is titled, “In the Day of Trouble I seek the Lord.” The very sentiment of this verse has given rise to songs and sermons. It is a rhetorical question, and the psalmist is really certain of the answer. In contemplation of this reality he says in an earlier verse, “Let me remember my song in the night; let me meditate in my heart.” He wants to think about the old days when he knew the answer to these questions. It is important to remember that God is changeless. He is the same today as yesterday, and He does not waffle in his love for His people. Every promise of God has or will come true. The psalmist had to remember that so that he could rest in his understanding of his own doubt.

Like the psalmist, we too need to go back to a day when we felt the presence of the Lord. Like the psalmist, we too need to think about the deeds and work that God has done. He is the God of creation, and He continues to sustain His creation. His works among men have been wonderous. We need to look up at the sky at night and feel the warmth of the sun by day. We need to rejoice in the rain and feel His power in the wind. There is no God like our God.

Task for Today: Remember your song in the night. Know that his steadfast love for you personally is eternal. Trust His promises, for they will not fail. Perhaps, like the writer of this Psalm you need think back to all God has done in your life. Do it today. Then if trouble does come your way, you will be ready to seek the Lord.

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