Psalm 75:3

“When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants, it is I who keep steady its pillars.” (Psalm 75:3)

So, the verse we read yesterday from Psalm 74 said that God set the boundaries of the earth and God controlled the seasons. This Psalm takes it a step further. When the world gets out of whack (that includes its inhabitants), God steps in and straightens things out. The inhabitants get scared when things seem abnormal to them and begin to cry “The sky is falling.” Not to worry. God is holding it all together.

Mankind has endured storms and earthquakes, volcano eruptions, droughts and floods from the beginning of his experience out of Eden. All these tottering events are under the Creator’s control. Famines, plagues, wars and manmade catastrophes have left the earth intact. The earth continues to provide a home for men and so it will because it was given to men by God to be their home. When natural man is finished, his home will be destroyed by God, but God will provide a new home, a heavenly one, for spiritual man.

This verse tells us that we have a trust problem because we think God has gone off and left us to our own devices. Does God want us to take care of the earth? Sure, anyone who gives a gift wants it taken care of and appreciated. Does God need us to take care of the earth? No, He doesn’t.

Task for Today: Let not your heart be troubled because of what men say about the earth. The earth is God’s and all its fullness. The cattle on a thousand hills are God’s. The mountains and rivers and oceans and deserts are God’s. The polar caps are God’s, just as the equator jungles are his. Trust God today.

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