Psalm 74:17

“You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter.” (Psalm 74:17)

We live in a time when man has decided that he is in charge of the earth and that he can affect summer and winter. We used to have prophets who claimed the world would come to an end at such and such a time. Now we have politicians who are predicting the end of the world unless mankind takes matters into their hands. They would do well to read this psalm a few times.

From the beginning of time until the present the world has heated and cooled; had periods of too much rain and periods of drought. In spite of those climate changes, it has endured, and life persists. God is in charge of the earth which includes the earth’s weather and seasons. The sun works for God, not the other way around. In spite of man’s knowledge of science and his understanding of technology, he cannot change what God has ordained.

God not only created the world, but He sustains it. It stays as it is or alters how it is based on God’s actions, not mankind. Tomorrow we will look at an interesting verse that reminds us of who is controlling things around here. This means that any efforts to change what He ordains is futile. The politicians can pass laws, but they can’t change or alter the ones God already has in place.

Task for Today: If you are fearing global warming or cooling you can relax. If the world is getting warmer, then God so ordains. Let Him be God. If it gets colder, relax, God is making it colder. God controls the sun and the seasons. Trust God and put your faith in Him. Say to yourself, “God created the world, and He has maintained the world and will continue to do so until He is done with it.”

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