Psalms 73:25

“Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.” (Psalm 73:25)

Perhaps there weren’t as many things to desire in the world when this psalm was written. Perhaps not as much self-reliance among earth’s inhabitants. But the descriptions given in the first part of this psalm suggest that there was plenty to desire and many who found idols rather than God. Their tongues strut through the earth the psalmist says. Also, they set their mouths against the heavens.

Modern man seems to have learned little in this regard. Across the world, God is denied, and men’s hearts seek only selfish interest. People starve in countries where leaders live in luxury which is a direct violation of God’s will. The desire humans have that replaces mercy in their hearts is a desire that isolates them from God.

Two important things are revealed in this verse. One, God is supreme, and there is no other god but Him. Two, there is absolutely nothing of value on this earth that compares with a relationship with God. Perhaps we could also learn from this psalm that there is no need for us to be envious of those who indulge in the world and forget God in the process. In the end, those who fear God and seek Him above all else will be victorious.

Task for Today: Make an assessment of your own thoughts on these two points. Do you have any god but the one and true God in heaven? Do you desire something here on earth more than you do God? This would be a good day to come to the knowledge that nothing on this earth is worth what a relationship to God is worth.


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