Psalm 72

“Blessed be his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory! Amen and Amen!” (Psalm 72:19)

This is a kingly psalm in which God is asked to bless the king. Most likely a psalm of David asking God to bless him and or his son. We are not so much interested in the blessings of the king that are requested but in the one who can grant the blessings. The king it seems is wise enough to know that the only way he can be blessed is if God does it. So at the end of the psalm, he begins to pronounce blessings on God. He, God, is the only one who can do the wonderful things that the king desires.

It’s one thing to ask for blessings and another to express blessing upon the one being asked. Unfortunately, many ask for blessings but do not praise the God whom they ask. If these are blessings asked in behalf of Solomon, there is no doubt that God answered them. Both David and Solomon were blessed by God as long as they were faithful to Him. It is God’s way to bless those who trust in Him. It is not always man’s way to bless God’s name in return.

Task for Today: Stop in the middle of asking God and praise Him for all He has already done. There is no doubt He has and will bless you. Don’t count them without thanking Him. Today, concentrate on a prayer of blessing the name of God. Indeed, praise His glorious name forever. Let the world know that you are blessed by God by calling attention to His glory.

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