Psalm 58:11

“Mankind will say,’Surely there is a reward for the righteous; surely there is a God who judges on earth.” (Psalm 58:11)

This lament ends with two positive statements about evil and those who try to live by God’s precepts. When it looks like evil is winning the war, it is easy for the righteous to lose heart. Wickedness appears at first to be rewarded, and righteousness seems to bear the burden of that wickedness. In earthly terms, one would think the wicked are winning, and the righteous are losing. Bad people have positions of power, and they use their power for themselves, and the righteous are harmed. Wicked ones prosper and the righteous may not, thus it is easy to feel that if we are trying to live a righteous life we have made a bad choice.

The writer of this psalm assures the righteous that in the end mankind will find that the opposite of what they thought is true. The righteous will be vindicated by a God who will judge the world. When He does that, the wicked will be punished, and the righteous will be rewarded. The psalmist determines that there is no lasting reward for evildoers. Ultimately they will pay for their sins against mankind and God. There is a judge, and that judge will bring righteous judgment. He is a judge that cannot be bribed or bought. He is a judge that cannot be fooled by false testimony or evidence.

Task for Today: Don’t be fooled by the seeming prosperity of evil men. Do not think for a minute that they will get away with their wickedness.  Every deed they do is being watched, and they will answer for every word and thought as well. You trust God today that He will reward you for your life of faithfulness to His word. You should understand today that God will judge the evil of this world. The righteous will escape that judgment because they are covered in the blood of the lamb.  Are you washed in His blood? If not, seek to obey His command to be buried with Him in His death, burial and resurrection.

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