Psalm 59:8

“But you, O Lord, laugh at them; you hold all the nations in derision.” (Psalm 59:8)

This verse reminds us of the theme of the second Psalm. Why does the psalmist see God as one who laughs at the nations? This may not fit our picture of God, but it is definitely the way the psalmist sees God in connection to the evil kingdoms of the world. The psalmist lived in a violent time and in the midst of great evil. He often fled for his life and while he himself was trying to follow God those around him were ignoring God.

This is the composer of songs who slew a giant who defied God, and in his mind, all who worked against God were God’s enemies. He saw them as evil plotters, not only against him personally but against God and the people of God. The psalmist in this sentence is expressing his feelings about how God views the pitiful efforts of men who try to thwart His plans.

The psalmist knows that the efforts of evil men can never avail against God. It is fruitless to even try. In his mind, it is laughable to stand against God or to plot against God. Like shaking your fist at a tornado, going up against God is ridiculous. The nations of the earth who fight against the power of God are fooling only themselves, and their efforts will be laughed at.

Task for Today: The only way to live successful today is in complete obedience to God. It’s not really a viable choice to do otherwise. To defy God is a losing proposition. You may trust in your spear and God will destroy you with a stone. Whatever you think your power is God is more powerful. Yield to Him. Submit to Him. Not your will but His. Do that today.

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