Psalm 60:11

“Oh, grant us help against the foe, for vain is the salvation of man!” (Psalm 60:11)

The sentiment of the psalm is a familiar one. If God doesn’t go out with the armies, they will march in vain. Regardless of the height of the wall if God is not protecting the city, the wall will not stand. No need to trust in chariots or horses, in the strength of one’s arm or the power of one’s might. God makes midgets out of giants, defeats entire armies with lights and trumpets. God can cause the enemy to turn against itself.

Senseless to rely on man for salvation. No power on this earth can defeat the army of God. Jesus was making this point when Pilot asked Him about whether His kingdom was on the earth. This answers those who maintain that Jesus had to postpone His kingdom. If He intended an earthly kingdom, His father had an army that would have wiped the Romans off the face of this earth.

Salvation is not from man, whether from earthly enemies or from spiritual ones. Only God can save, and that is the message of the psalm. Peter was right when he responded to Jesus, “Only you have the way of life.”

Task for Today: Do not listen to the words of man in matters of salvation. There are many teachers in the world today, and many of them are false teachers, teaching the commandments of men instead of the commandments of God. If you can’t find the words of salvation stated plainly in the book of books then pay what you hear no attention. Vain is the salvation of man. Listen to God in the flesh, “He that repents and is baptized will be saved.” Anyone who tells you otherwise denies the very Lord he represents. Who better to ask ‘what shall I do?’ than the Savior Himself?

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