Psalm 52:3

“You love evil more than good, and lying more than speaking what is right.” (Psalm 52:3)

What a statement! Who would want to be on the receiving end of such a statement? But there it is. A choice of behavior has led someone to actually prefer evil over good and lies more than truth. Sad indeed that we live in a world where this has now become standard behavior. We require a fact checker to see if an internet post is true or not. We can’t trust the news on radio, TV, or in print. Deception in the capitol and in pulpits leave us confused.

We are now approaching the same level as those in the days of the Hebrew Judges in which one is admonished to do what is right in their own eyes. It’s as if evil didn’t exist and as if truth was subject to debate. In a world were evil is desired more than good and lies more than truth God is forgotten. God hates evil, and he hates liars. How does a person risk that which God hates without dismissing Him?

And what if the lover of good remains silent and refuses to speak the truth? If we are silent about evil and lies are we any better than the evil doers and liars themselves? Should we hide from evil or confront it? Should we expose and oppose lies wherever they are or mind our own business?

Task for Today: First, take a few minutes and do some soul-searching. Decide which side you are on. That decision will tell you what your course of action should be. If you are on God’s side, then speak out for what He declares is right. Call evil what it is and join the fight against it. Whether it’s your family or friends, co-workers or bosses do what is right. Don’t condone lying and don’t pass the lie on.

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