Psalm 50:10, 11

“For every beast of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills. I know all the birds of the hills and all that moves in the field is mine.” (Psalm 50:10, 11)

This statement from God is a reminder that when we offer a sacrifice to God or give Him a gift we are actually giving Him what He already owns. This flies in the face of the presumption of mankind that he somehow is in control of things of the earth and has ownership. It is also a reminder that God doesn’t need anything from us. He did not require the sacrifices for food or nourishment. He does not need money to buy things for Himself; he already owns everything and it is His to do with as He pleases.

What then is the reason for God requiring gifts from His people? The answer is found in the last verse of the psalm. “The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me…” If our offering is not one of thanksgiving then it is meaningless since whatever else we are offering is not ours to offer; it belongs to God already.

God owns it all and we must be thankful to Him for His generous sharing. The beasts of the forest and the cattle on a thousand hills are for us to enjoy. The birds and all living things are here for us to use but we shouldn’t use them without thanking the one who gave them in the first place.

Task for Today: Examine your giving. Is it done with cheerful thankfulness or do you begrudge having to return it to its rightful owner? Examine your giving. Does what you give reflect real thanksgiving or does it reflect selfishness on your part? Step one: realize that you have nothing but your bare skin. Step two: realize that you are borrowing everything else. Step three: be thankful and show it.


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