Psalm 13

“I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me.” (Psalm 13:6)

There are lots of reasons to sing and lots of reasons to sing to the Lord. Of all the Christian joys, singing is one of the greatest. Due to physical limitations, there are things that some cannot do, but singing is possible for all who have the gift of speech. Singing to the Lord because of his care for us is tops on the list of good reasons to sing.

Sing and be happy we are told and certainly, happiness is enhanced by singing. When the heart is full to the point of bursting due to the goodness of the Lord then it has to outpour in praise and singing is one of the best ways to express the praise we feel. We count our blessings, and we have to sing. We look around us at the beauty and majesty of the world, and we have to sing. It’s a natural release for the joy inside.

Singing is a wonderful way for the child of God to express thanksgiving because it can be just about anywhere and anytime. A person can sing an old song or a new one. When real joy bubbles forth a person can make up their own song. Let the heart speak, let it praise. Whether your voice is high or low, strong or soft, beautiful or ordinary, God is pleased when you sing to him.

Task for Today: If there is joy in your life, sing. If God has done anything for you personally, sing. If you feel the presence of God around you, sing. Open your heart and let the thoughts become words and sing to the Lord. Without a doubt, God has dealt bountifully with you, so all that remains is for you to sing.

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