Were You There …?

“Many women were there looking on from a distance, who had followed Jesus from Galilee while ministering to Him” (Matt. 27:55)

When they lifted Jesus up on the cross those who despised Him the most were standing by. Perhaps they were giddy with excitement that their plan to rid the land of this “new idea” teacher was finally coming to fruition. With just the right imagination you can see them crowding up close to watch every moment of His agony. As soon as the soldiers backed away they started their taunts. Some went so far as to spit at him, the greatest insult of their culture.

Where were the Apostles?

There were soldiers there as well, not by choice but by duty. They were more interested in claiming his clothes than they were in him. They had had their fun back in their quarters. What was one more Jewish Rabbi to them? It wasn’t until later that they realized that this was not an ordinary crucifixion. 

Where were his defenders?

There was a mob at the cross. The city was flooded with visitors and entertainment was limited. Three crucifixions at once was too good of an attraction to miss. They were caught up in the excitement of the moment and found themselves wagging their heads and calling out insults. 

Where was Judas?

The participants of the Triumphant Entry were there. Perhaps those who had been healed or fed or comforted in some way. Even former disciples who had fled him earlier when they realized he wasn’t rebelling against the Romans were there.

Where was Andrew, James, Peter?

John was there with Mary the mother. They were close enough to hear the ugly things being said to Jesus. One more thing for Mary to ponder. Did she know it would end like this? And John, the loved disciple who wanted to be close to Jesus was close to the end. His faithfulness was rewarded by the trust of his dying Lord.

But where was Peter?

Task for Today: Think about it for a moment. Where would you have been? By Mary, by the women or with the missing? Something to think about. 

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