The Good Life

The good life is the dream of most of the world’s population. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the inhabitants of earth manage to achieve it. That’s sad because the good life is actually available to every citizen of planet earth.  The problem is in finding the right definition for the good life.

World’s Definition: To have more. To obtain as much property and material things as can be conceived. The rich farmer in Jesus’s parable is the epitome of the “good life.” Bigger barns, enjoy the fruits of his labor for many years and live the good life. The good life in the world’s eyes is to be able to enjoy the things of earth. Preferably, as many as possible. The more things one can have the better life becomes. The Western World is built on that premise. Bigger, better and more makes for the good life. 

God’s Definition: To have Jesus. To obtain as much grace and love as can be conceived. To be like Paul, content with one’s present state and not needing more than the love of God to sustain them. “My grace is sufficient,” Paul was told. He believed it and lived the good life in spite of a lack of worldly possessions. The good life is living in the protective, forgiving arms of Jesus. The good life is freedom from sin and the promise of life eternal.

Task for Today: Choose a definition. Everyone wants the good life and so do you. But which good life. Take a minute and count your blessings. When you are done make two lists. Put the material ones you counted up on one list and the spiritual ones on the other list. Now ask yourself, “Which do I think the most about?”

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