From Pole to Pole

Pick a latitude, any latitude from the top of the world to the bottom. While you’re at it choose a longitude as well. Take a globe and put it on a table so you can spin it around. Place your finger on a spot. No matter the longitude or latitude you will discover the wonder of God’s creation.

I sat on the stern of a USS Frigate and watched the blue/marine water of the Caribbean curl away in a wake. It was dazzling in the bright tropical sun unheeded by man made smog. I sat at breakfast looking out the window at Mt. Etna spewing fire and ash into the atmosphere and contemplated the awesome power it contained. One day I was on a ship in Lake Superior when water was pumped from its depths into the vessel’s water tanks. Later in the day we were told the water was purer than any we had taken on board in several major cities.

The Painted desert is one of the finest works of art in the world. It is vast and unique and breathtaking. Not far from the desert is the Petrified Forest. Where has man created something so fabulous as trees turned to stone? The Grand Canyon attracts large crowds everyday and everyday people are amazed at the size and the beauty of this natural site. Far beyond anything humans have built in the history of the world.

If you have stood beneath any of the majestic waterfalls of planet earth you understand the power and beauty they bring to the landscape. They tend to make one feel small and helpless. The rising and setting sun from anyplace on the globe is picture worthy more often than not. What can match a full red moon on a clear and star studded night? Arid deserts and humid rain forest hold secret wonders for those patient enough to view them. 

Wild animals in Africa or Antarctica or on the Amazon fascinate us beyond anything we can see in a zoo or on the screen. Sea shells, black stones, pieces of flint and other bits and pieces from around the world decorate our homes. Perhaps they have a story connected to them than no photograph or painting can match.

The beauty of creation is on every intersection of vertical and horizontal lines on the earth and extend into the vastness of the universe. However, to the Christian, one sight is paramount and it was made by man but instigated by God. It exists only in the form of imagination. It can only be visited in the mind and understood by the heart. This is the beauty of grace in the form of a man made, but God ordained wooden cross. 

That cross is the means of God’s greatest work, re-creation of the souls of man.

Task for Today: Remember that of all the things God created, he loves man the most. That is why he chose to recreate man to be more like himself. If you are a child of God you are more beautiful and awesome than anything I mentioned above or that entered your mind as you read.

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