Sit Back and Relax

Sometime today, Grace and I are going to the beach. We have no big plans except to sit back and relax. We plan on taking our Bibles and some study materials with us. I need to prepare for my Sunday morning Bible class and she will do some work for her jail ministry class. We also have some reading to catch up on and maybe a Scrabble game or two.

In our busy world, many of us find it hard to just sit and think. We chose a living room with a view of the beach so we could do just that. So some of our time will be spent just admiring God’s creation and soaking in his love. Some call it Spirit renewal or just inner man renewal but it so necessary in our fast-paced life. If we are faithful saints, the Holy Spirit of God lives within us but if we are too busy to notice him we forfeit the many blessings he can bring to us.

Occupation with externals robs us of knowledge of the internal. God does not speak to us in the noise of the world but through his Spirit who lives in our hearts. We must close our eyes and ears to the world and visualize and hear the speaker within us and his voice.

We can’t all go to the beach and we certainly can’t all live there full time. We must create our own beach atmosphere where we live. Every home has a possible quiet place. A place that can be made solitude. The problem is not the place it is designating the time, isn’t it? God will not do this for us. He has provided the ever-present Spirit and our job is to provide the time to communicate with that Spirit.

Task for Today: Find a place. Find a time. Set it aside and keep it as your holy time. Apply the admonition of the prophet to yourself. “The Lord is in His Holy Temple. Let all the earth keep silent before Him.”

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