Helmet and Swords

“And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (Eph. 6:17)

    Paul is back in Isaiah again. This time it is Isaiah 59:17 where the prophet is discussing God’s dismay at finding that no one would speak up for the right. God takes matters in his own hand according to Isaiah. God brought salvation himself, and he did that by wearing his armor. The same armor that he wants us to wear. In this passage of Isaiah, it included a breastplate of righteousness and a helmet of salvation.

    At the end of the war, the faithful saint can exchange his helmet of salvation for a crown of glory. Imagine the enemy facing us with the intent of destroying us and the first thing he sees is our heads covered with the salvation of God. Satan cannot fight grace. It is his undoing. The grace of God covers the transgressions of God’s people and replaces their damnation with a helmet of salvation. This helmet that faithful saints wear declares their victory before the battle ever begins. It’s as if the Christian went into battle with evil wearing the crown of victory ahead of the war.

    In sports, one side will win, and one will lose. Often, most often, the outcome is not known. Sometimes even the worse underdog will pull an upset. In the battle for souls that is not the case. Every competitor who wears the helmet of God’s salvation will win. It is a sure thing. There are no exceptions.

    The sword of the Spirit is the second weapon that is both defensive and offensive. The gospel sandals and the sword of the Spirit can make offensive statements. The armor is designed to offer defense against evil, but sometimes evil can be defeated and vanquished. Satan can be made to flee.

    The word of God is the world’s greatest defense against Satan and his lies. The reason is simple. The word of God is truth. In every circumstance, truth will overcome falsehood. Satan tried his lies against Jesus, and Jesus turned them away by showing the truth. Lies of the evil one are a part of his darkness. The word of God is a part of God’s light. Darkness cannot overcome light. Lies cannot defeat truth.

    Task for Today: Accept grace, wear your helmet of salvation and do not doubt that you are on the winning side. Wield the sword of the Spirit. Practice every defensive move it provides. Know the truth because it has the power to set you free from the lies of the evil one. He would bound you up and take you captive, but the truth sets the captive free. Use it 24/7.

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